Wendy Bernfeld, founder, Rights Stuff, with offices in Amsterdam and Dublin, is a passionate film buff specialized in hard core content acquisition and distribution, licensing negotiations, and related strategy and rights advice, for traditional media (film, TV, Pay TV, formats), digital new media (Internet, IPTV, mobile, VOD, tablets, OTT devices/connected tvs, consumer electronics platforms) and cross-platform production/distribution.


Originally from Montreal, Wendy has over 23+ years (16+ in Europe) experience in film/Pay TV channel startup and program buying, beginning originally as an entertainment lawyer and then spending the bulk of her career (before forming Rights Stuff in 1999) as a senior movie buyer/TV executive in various international TV networks.


Her most recent in-house role before founding Rights Stuff in ’99 was as CEO of Canal+ International Acquisitions from 1993-98, in the centralized joint program-buying conglomerates of FilmNet/NetHold/Canal+, after many years as a multi-region, multi-platform content buyer and channel startup executive. In that era she furthered her particular specialty in major MPAA studio movie “output” and international “indie” deals, while also further enhancing her knowledge of regional cultural tastes and the various distinctive consumer and business approaches.


Prior to her positions at Canal+, she was Managing Director of Alliance-Atlantis (film co-production and distribution) in Europe (1991-93) and before that, VP of Program Acquisition for First Choice/Movie Network in Canada (1984-91).


Wendy has a Bachelor of Laws (Juris Doctor) Degree (L.L.B.)/ (J.D.) from Queens University, after a year of B.A./M.B.A. courses in McGill and University of Toronto. She is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada as well as on the Roll of Solicitors in the UK. Earlier in her career, she practiced law in Canada with Blake Cassels & Graydon, Silverstein’s, and, still earlier, was one of 10 appointed as Law Clerk to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.


Wendy Bernfeld also sits on various film festival /institute advisory boards (IDFA, Binger Film Institute, Seize the Night Outdoor FilmFest, FilmCollaborative, etc.)


In December 2010, Wendy was named as one of the Brave Thinkers of Indie Film, 2010” (14 Dec 2010) by Oscar-winning independent producer Ted Hope. One of her more well known articles (“Brave New World: Digital Distribution Beyond the Old World”, 23 April 2012) on international digital distribution was published by Sundance.